When talking about paddock fences, the choice of materials to be used is fundamental and guarantees durability and efficiency.

Horses must have the opportunity to have fun in the open air by browsing in the paddock in total safety, in a fence with fences of adequate height.

For this GB GROUP with GB Horse, offers fences in PVC or Flexyfence Band that combine a pleasant aesthetic to high durability over time.

PVC fences contain a high level of titanium dioxide pigments that provide protection from long-term ultraviolet (UV) rays, while impact inhibitors increase their resistance. The latter, in fact, are used not only to prevent breakages in case of impact, but also to withstand the harsh winter climatic conditions.

The material used for this type of fences is virgin vinyl, 100% new PVC, which does not yellow and with a high fire resistance. The vinyl has a non-porous, but smooth surface, without sharp edges or splinters, so they do not pose a danger to animals. In addition, vinyl fences have a hard surface and retain moisture, making them preferable to wood because they do not require any maintenance.


✓ Material virgin vinyl
✓ Height above ground 137 cm


✓ Maintenance zero.
✓ Warranty of 15 years
✓ Resistant

The Flexy Band Fence are composed of a polyethylene band reinforced with three steel wires. In the event of an impact it does not break, it resists impacts such as the fall of a tree, the impact of a tractor or the push of a horse. The band flexes so that the horse is not injured.

This type of fence is completely resistant to temperature changes and horse bites, offering them optimal safety.

Instead of the Flexyfence, or in combination with it, you can choose a fence with a polymer polyethylene cable and an acc wire

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